Photo Editing & Graphic Design

Branding & Brand Strategy

Augusta, Georgia

Just send us your photo and what you want us to do.

We make it  fabulous. 

Pretty easy, huh?

$2.50 EACH

Skin retouching

color correction

lighting correction

$5.00 EACH

Includes all from above and:

Sky enhancement

glass glare

background cleanup

extensive skin retouching

$10.00 EACH

Includes all from above and:

Minor object removal

Minor object addition

Major color changing

$20.00 EACH

Includes all from above and:

Major object removal

Major object addition

Braces removal

Head Swaps

Creative editing

Background replacement

Photo Restoration

Bulk editing of 100+ images available at a discounted rate. 

All Prices are set. There are no surprise fees. If you hate it, we will re-edit until you like it (for free!)